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Gorkhali Samaj UK has been established in 2004 with with aim of providing social services to Gorkhali in the UK. It was possible to establish due to numbers of Gorkhali- People who were from Gorkha District Nepal- are increasing in the UK through Gurkhas family , Professional Work & Students.

Gorkha district has historical importance in Nepal that King of Gorkha Prithivi Narayan Shaha-Later king of Nepal- united whole Nepal to protect from other invasion of that era. Daraudi River, Manasalu Trekking area, Mankamana Temple are nationally and internationally popular.

Most importantly British and in the Western countries, Gurkha family are well-known. The british named Gurkha due the army of Prithivi Narayan Shaha, who fought against each other in the colonial era but non of declare victory. Later on, British were impressed by the Gurkha warier and started to recruit in their army.

Since then, gurkha family has good relationship with British.




Picture of Gorkha District

Fig : Map of Gorkha District


ganesh Himal

Fig 2:Ganesh Himal


 gorkhadarbar - Copy

Fig 3: Gorkha Darbar


Fig 4: Daraudi River


Fig 5: Gurkha

Being gorkhali, we feel proud some time but only that is only the reasons, but  also we are kind hearted, cooperative and socially motivated. We are proud on  social work in the  UK and Nepal.

We are looking forward to solve some urgent social problem of Gorkhali in the UK,  which are not possible by an individual people.


Thank you.

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